Fear is something that we all feel frequently throughout our lives. It’s an emotion that is triggered when our body is alerted for danger and prevent itself from harm and threat. Fear is a physiological response from the body that take place in the Amygdala of Brain and Stress Hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released in the body. Physical response is the actions that we take to prevent ourselves from that danger or threat and keep ourselves safe. But the fear that we face in real life situations is quite different from the fear of uncommon circumstances. We might not be chased by a grizzly bear in the forest but we might be facing the emotional catastrophes of our existence and survival.

An average human being makes up about 20% decisions wrong in their lifetime which can let things go wrong for us. It is the fear of letting consequences go wrong that is preventing most of us reaching the potential that we possess. What if we make the decision wrong?, What if the worst happens to us?, What if a crisis may occur because of this?, What if things don’t go as we have planned?, so on and so forth. These questions popping up in our head creates a nagging sensation that is hard to resist and we end up being playing the absolute safe.

Now playing safe isn’t bad for a person. But if you want to change yourself and are having a desire to achieve your dreams than there is no other way to reach that objective than taking ‘risks’. Eventually, taking a risk will involve chances of failure and so of fear too. But the truth is that you cannot kill your emotions of fear. You will always be confronted by it when facing a life changing tough situations and it will always assist you in playing safe rather going all in. Then how to avoid the feeling of fear and taking the right decision logically and statistically.

Well the only answer is to ‘Fight Your Fears’. You have to engage yourself in this war for a lifetime and always counter the sensation of fear with bravery, intuition, perseverance and faith. And by war it doesn’t mean that you fight with emotion by emotions. Emotions are always reverted by actions, and those actions compose our emotions. Whenever you feel the sentiment of fear in your head always challenge yourself and take the actions that you have never taken before. The extent of your dedication will determine the result of the war. Either you believe in your guts, take up the challenge and win the battle against fear or either you defy the circumstances, make excuses, be ignorant and let yourself lose this battle. The choice is always in an individuals power.

“The stairs of Success are not easy to ascend. They never were, They never will be.”

The only advice is to keep moving. Keep the wheel turning in the right direction no matter the circumstances. The path is not easy but the reward will be fruitful. Be consistent in your journey, have patience and always look at the bigger picture. Know why you’re doing this and admire the tomorrow that will be better than today. Only you can make it happen with your persistency and endurance. Be an inspiration for others and light other’s path’s too. Overcome your fears and make your dreams a reality and live in it gratefully and peacefully.

Do you feel fear too when taking a decision or changing a habit or routine? Let it go because you are there to achieve it through your steadiness. YES YOU!

A young, enthusiastic, optimistic and insightful explorer of facts.