Protest in the USA in solidarity with Palestine.

We enter day 9 of the ongoing war between Zionist Israel and Muslim Palestine. The situation is exacerbating as days pass by. More and more lives are lost on the shoulder of bestiality. Neither Israel has stopped their airstrikes on Gaza nor Hamas has halted retaliations towards Israel. 800+ airstrikes have devastated the Palestinian residents killing more than 200 civilians and wounding more than 1000 of them. In retribution, Hamas has fired more than 2000 rockets over Israel’s major cities killing 5 people and wounding at least 100. Most of the rockets fired by Hamas are neutralized by the Iron Dome Defense system of Israel.

The war keeps raging and the fire of vengeance on both sides keeps blazing. Major air raids by Israel and hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza towards them have become the center of global news. Israel has been claiming to destroy buildings in Gaza in control by Hamas fighters when the only casualties appear are of innocent civilians. Recently Israel brings to the ground a Gaza tower hosting various international media houses such as Associated Press and Al-Jazeera. They insisted that the building was in the use of Hamas leaders however these claims are denied by any inhabitant of the tower. President of the Associated press was shocked by this attack and said: “The world will now know less about what’s happening in Gaza.

Media tower bombed in Gaza by an Israeli Airstrike.

Just a few hours ago dozens of Israeli air raids thrashed the Gaza strip resulting in the loss of another 42 Palestinian lives. Violence seems to be thriving and bloodshed is recurrent. This war has a long rich history and the boiling of the blood has finally reached its threshold. It seems that the only one emerging victorious is the one who remains alive. Sadly, the world has been silent over this war and the only action they have taken is condemning this genocide. UN is proved to be a futile organization build only to favor the powerhouses that fund them. Other world leaders also showed bootlessness over these acts of terrorism.

Buildings are being destroyed in Gaza claimed to be Hamas’s operation houses.

Muslim World Leaders also manifested disappointing measures in solidarity with Gaza oppressors. With little or no action was taken by them further complicates the conditions. Only condemning and showing their support with words won't help the Palestinians in the battleground that they are pushed towards. OIC (Organization Of Islamic Cooperation) also displayed a weak and feeble response to the barbaric attacks of Israel. A notion of dishonesty and betrayal is gaining momentum among the minds of sufferers and all the other Muslims as well as peace-loving non-Muslims due to this heedless behavior.

In the end, if only the peace promotors unite against the perpetrator Israel and take solid actions to bring close the atrocious and malicious activities, the Palestinians could live in harmony. The violence foisted upon Palestinians for a whole century has remained unquestioned by the world and the torture has only extended. In response to Israel’s violence, Gaza’s military groups will continue to retaliate and this war will end thousands of lives in the process because violence only begets more violence.

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